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Re: AO-51 SSB/FM mode

OK, some clarification.

The AO-51 control operator had to reduce the audio level from the SSB receiver to the FM transmitter because stations were heard using excessive power on the uplinks resulting in distortion and other problems with the downlink. 

Regardless, I made contacts on the 0142 pass  with KI4HXT, N5UXT, and W8EH with 2.5 watts to an Arrow antenna from a FT-817, and using a TH-F6A for receive. I was the weakest of the stations heard. So...here's the deal, if you are running more than 5 watts on this uplink from a home station, you are running too much power. Let's all take this opportunity to see just how QRP we can go, and give the little guys a chance.

Also, whats with one of the regulars calling CQ over stations in the middle of a QSO? It's still a single channel satellite....one at a time please?

OK, hope you enjoy this mode, it's my favorite on AO-51

73, Drew KO4MA
AO-51 Operations Committee

>I haven't used it this time around, but last time I made several QSOs with 2 watts and an Arrow. Remember unlike the FM uplink, the volume of your downlink audio is dependent on the strength of your signal on the uplink. I'll check it out tonight with the portable setup.
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