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The quietest I've ever heard AO-51!

Very interesting time on this evening's (0403-0415UTC for me)AO-51 pass as the spacecraft was in the 145.880/USB -> 435.300/FM downlink mode (S/U is how it's listed on the AO-51 website ( http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/echo/ControlTeam.php ).

Signals were amazing! The carrier is, of course, on all the time and peaked at about 40 over 9 on the TS-2000 - that's on an Eggbeater with an SSB preamp.  For this pass, I set up the IC-706 as the uplink and manually tracked for doppler by adjusting the signal heard on the downlink - worked like a champ except for the fact that for the majority of the pass, I was alone.. all alone... so very, very alone.

Finally, Stefan, VE4NSA, came up on frequency and mentioned he had to do a bit of offset adjustment to compensate for the different mode. It was like a telephone conversation between us.  We both heard one other station, briefly but not well enough to identify the station.

If you haven't tried this experimental mode, you should!

73 Wayne N5WD
   R. Wayne Day    N5WD    n5wd@charter.net
   Fort Worth, Texas
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