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RE: Digital satellites operations

I see several questions on using WiSP with the UniTrack unit for working 
the digital satellites.  The UniTrack system is capable of providing 
antenna tracking and radio tuning for up to two radios.  WiSP works with 
the UniTrack by telling it what satellite is being tracked so the 
UniTrack will switch satellites to match the satellite WiSP is tracking. 
  WiSP has to have its rotator interface set to DDE.  WiSP should be 
providing both antennas coordinates and doppler correction to the 
UniTrack when it is working in the WiSP compatible mode.

I'm not sure just what problem some are having which requires them to 
use one program for antenna control and another for radio control. 
Perhaps they might expand on the problem description a bit so we can 
figure out the problem.

73, Roy -- W0SL
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