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The fact that Bill was going to try to work all continents on UHF was 
published here, and on the SAREX list, along with the intended operating 
frequency of 437.550.  Kind of spur-of-the-moment, so that's why it wasn't 
listed on the AMSAT site.

George, KA3HSW

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>I guess this is some kind of big "secret" about what uplink and downlink 
>frequencies you are supposed to use to communicate with the ISS austronauts 
>when they are active. I just saw someone post that they talked with ISS via 
>437.55 (uplink or downlink??) and have also tried 145.2 and 144.49 U/L 
>always using 145.80 for D/L. I do not see 437.55 even listed on the AMSAT 
>sat info site. Nothing so far, and perhaps I am not even using the right 
>freqs?? How do I join this club??
> John Owens - N7SEJ
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