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Re: ISS success!

On Sun, Jan 15, 2006 at 06:11:01PM +0100, Oliver Amend (DG6BCE) wrote:
> Hi Francesco,
> congrats for the success! NA1SS is a really opportunity for
> the community!!!

yes, that's a kind of QSO you don't do everyday!

> => How many pairs of rx/tx frequencies / which spaceing have
>    you used?

My rig can tune in steps of 5 KHz (that's stupid for an all-mode rig, 
but kenwood engineers must have been drunk at that time), so I used
3 pairs (+/- 10 KHz, +/- 5 KHz and 437.550 simplex on a the third 
memory), I then selected the best receive memory each time the audio
was getting poor and used the "rev" key to reverse the TX/RX pair after
mid of the pass. This way the doppler shift is correct for uplink 
automagically (provided that on the other end there's no RIT tuning
from Bill). I didn't invent anything, I copied the rx/tx pairs from a 
site suggested by another ham when I asked for suggestions.
I succeded because I could copy the ISS down to the orizon and waited
until there were no other stations calling (I'm quite south in europe 
luckily). Each time I called when the ISS coverage included most of 
europe I never got any answer.

73 de IS0FKQ
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