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Re: AO-7 on a 24 hour schedule?

Thank you Drew for that insightful albeit overly simplistic response.

Later publications around 1978 (Tab Books et. al. ) indicate that the 
24 hour timer has provisional programming to change modes when 
battery levels decrease.  Since there are no batteries, it's not as 
easy as you would have people believe that the state of the satellite 
and its predictability is as cast in concrete as the 1976 document 
would like everyone to believe.

There seems to be no definitive documentation that the builders or 
control operators of the satellite have stepped up to quote.  So IMHO 
anything published before 2002 is speculative at best.  Current 
observations may confirm previous programming and that would be 
terrific.  But I would propose that while it is out of eclipse, the 
24 hour timer seems to set the mode, but the mode may change.



At 04:19 PM 1/14/2006, Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:

>Maybe y'all should read page 6 of the AO-7 AMSAT Newsletter reprint, 
>specifically the last paragraph where the 24hr timer that changes 
>the satellite between modes A and B is described....
>73, Drew KO4MA
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