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Digital station setup help



I've spent a good part of the day trying to setup the software and hardware
so they will play nice together with Wisp. First I set up Wisp as per the
instructions in the new Digital Satellite Guide. Everything went smoothly
except the times for my chosen birds (AO-51 and GO-32) are way off - as if
the keps or station location (long/lat) didn't take. I'm using Wisp
presently as a demo until I get my registration from AMSAT.


I have been using a Uni-trac interface with my FT-847. I have been using the
unitrac applet and SatPC32 for voice operation. This requires me to run my
FT-847 direct serial connection to my computer, so the unitrac runs the
rotor and SatPC32 runs the radio. Now with Wisp, I have a 3rd program to
run. What is the correct way to interface all this ?? If I set the Rotor in
Wisp to DDE and the Unitrac Config file to DDE, I can track the bird in the
sky.  But what about tuning the radio ? I don't see anything in Wisp to
chose radio, com port, etc to Doppler control the radio, and I'm not sure
you can have 2 DDE links to one program.


Little help please !


73, Jamie

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