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Re: AO-7 on a 24 hour schedule?

On Jan 14, 2006, at 3:20 PM, Dave Guimont wrote:

>> The exact time when the mode change takes place is not known for  
>> sure (at least by me - perhaps a control station knows the answer)  
>> but from the log................................
> Emily, the last I heard there was no "control"...Perhaps someone  
> has since acquired it??
> Anyone have an answer???
> My favorite satellite for a long time...31 years...I think it was  
> launched in 1974, took me a year to make the converters!!  And  
> since came back as an old friend...

IIRC, there's no "control" on AO-7, it reached the end of its normal  
life many years ago and had gone silent for a long time.  The  
"resurrection" was something of a surprise, and the sat basically  
comes up in whatever mode it happens to be in when there's power from  
the solar panels, and then drops out and resets when the sunlight  
goes away or when someone hits the uplink particularly hard and drags  
the power down to reset level.  It's not all that predictable, and  
I'm not sure controlling it is even possible at this point.

I am kind of impressed that it's working as well as it is, given how  
long it's been on orbit and how primitive the technology was when it  
was launched ..

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