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AO-7 on a 24 hour schedule?

I've been going over the AO-7 logbook and it appears that AO-7 is 
being "controlled" by a timer that toggles between Mode A and Mode B 
every 24 hours.  This timer was probably reset when the satellite 
went into eclipse, however since the AO-7 is not going into eclipse 
at the moment this bit of programming onboard AO-7 seems to be in control.

The exact time when the mode change takes place is not known for sure 
(at least by me - perhaps a control station knows the answer) but 
from the log it seems to happen sometime between 0830 and 0930 
UTC.  There is no long time data on the stability of the timer at 
this time, so the estimated time at which changes occur is no guarantee.

AO-7 will not enter eclipse until 14 March 2007.

To view the AO-7 Logbook go to (simplified URL):



W0EEC - CM87tm

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