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Re: Anyone using a PrimeSat or LabJack/NLSA Piggyback controllers?

>I'm about to take the plunge with a tracker and since the Uni-Trac 
>is now almost $400 from its US distributor, am looking at other 
>options, specifically the PrimeSat and Labjack/NLSA Piggyback 
>options.  I'm especially interested in speaking with anyone running 
>a Kenwood TS-2000 with either of these interfaces.

Wayne I just ordered and received his SATELLITE MINI TRACKER , JR.,
in preparation for PIIIE for use with XP computers...

I've used InstanTrack for my years, completely satisfied with it, but 
XP no longer permits the KCTracker I used with IT...

I have not used or yet installed the JR, but I recommended it to a 
neighbor several years ago, and he was completely satisfied.  It 
works with all of the popular software on the market, as far as I know...

I do not have his e-mail handy, I think w0lmd@amsat org would do it, 
but he is on our web site....with specific info about his equipment..

Perhaps someone reading can pass you Bob's info if you fail on amsat.org...

I don't quote prices for someone else's products, but about half as 
much as some of the others!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 
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