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Hi all, this will be my very first post to this group. 

I'd just like to say it's nice to read everyone's comments and learn about
these things. 

This evening I sat in the mobile (AKA the shack) and tried to get into
oscar-52. I don't have full-duplex capabilities, so I had to do some
guess-work as far as where to listen. I chose the center frequency for TX,
and listened near the center (below it on approach, and above on the
retreat). I don't think anybody heard me (did any of you hear me?). 

The hardest part for me is knowing where to listen. I have tried using my HT
to receive my signal on the output, but my mobile rig overpowers the
receiver on the HT and it is useless. 

Anybody have any tricks to share? I think what I might do is pick a certain
input frequency, and calculate the output frequencies where I should come
out at various points throughout the pass. Then I can program in 3-5
split-frequency channels into the mobile rig and as the bird goes by, dial
them up. Then I'll call CQ on my chosen frequency (if its clear of course).

Brad, K1GTo
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