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ISS Repeater

Ok I guess I am missing something.   I have not tried to talk through the
repeater on ISS yet but I have tried to monitor.   If figured if I could get
to where I could hear voice off of the ISS repeater then I could work on
talking though it.
I am working with a 5/8 whip and a VX7R.   I have seen others talk about
using this HT to work sats so I am sure it can be done.
This is what I get.
I have been using Orbitron to track the ISS.   I know that I need to
compensate for Doppler Shift and I have tried to start tuning at   145.820
and 145.780 and worked my way to 145.800.   I can always hear packet but
never ever hear any voice.  When I look at the amsat.org chart it shows
UHF/VHF as up so I assume there should be some voice traffic coming from the
Am I doing something wrong?  Should I monitor another frequency?  Or do you
only hear voice when Astronauts/Cosmonauts are using NA1SS?   I though that
maybe when the crew was not using the station it acted like a repeater.
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