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AO-7 Out of Eclipse

I had run some numbers this past weekend and it predicted that AO-7 
would go out of eclipse, and sure enough it did.  On Jan 11 at 09:38 
F6BYJ reported that AO-7 was in Mode A, and since that time no Mode B 
contacts have been made.

The original theory was that AO-7 progresses from Mode B to Mode C, 
then to Mode A when power drops. However generally this would only 
last for one orbit since it would resent when it entered eclipse.

Now that the orbit has precessed (in relationship with the grey line) 
to the point it won't go into eclipse, it doesn't appear it will be 
reset by lack of sunlight.  This condition will persist until 
approximately the 10th of March 2006.

It will be very interesting to see if AO-7's mode changes during this 
time.  If you find AO-7 in Modes B or C, please be sure to log your 
contacts in the AO-7 log at:



W0EEC - CM87tm

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