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Re: working ISS


On Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 09:59:39AM -0800, Scott Avery WA6LIE wrote:
> Francesco,
> IF you are trying to work paket on 2 meters, as said below,
> no Doppler correction should be needed. Doppler +-3kc on VHF.

No packet, I'm just trying to contact NA1SS on voice.

Having no feedback (like I have on a trasponder) I don't know how to 
understand if I'm getting heard or not. I hoped someone else succedeed
in working NA1SS with a portable setup and could share some hints.
On LEOs trasponders my setup can be defined as "big gun" as I can
put 25W on a home made arrow like antenna. HI!

> This weekend, Bill McArthur will be operating on 437.550 SIMPLEX.

Someone else said 435.550, which one is right?

> Basically QRM is the problem. IF you were in Hawaii, you would
> be talking to yourself.

Indeed, I happened to talk to myself several times on SO-50 too some
months ago and I'm not in Hawaii.


Francesco IS0FKQ
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