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ISS Vox gets 49th

I had a nice talk with Bill on the 19:29  UTC pass East Coast. I heard him 
work N0PFF in St Louis and thank him for his 49th state.

Got a  call right back from ISS using some doppler correct (yeah I know 
it's cheating on 2meters)
I congratulated him on 49 and then told him how Ed KL7UW has been rushing 
home from work to give him an Alaska contact. I Passed Bill Ed's call sign 
and let him know the orbits are getting better for the contact. We joked 
that I hoped he was getting permission from NASA to stay up late at night 
and play with the Ham Radio. Bill came back laughing..stating ..."what they 
didn't know won't hurt them.."  Told him I hope they weren't listening and 
signed so he could go get some more contacts. Nice contact for a chat.

Now let's hope Ed Cole gives him the 50th....go get 'em Ed

Al Emer
Amsat 30942
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