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Re: working ISS


On Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 06:16:29AM -0800, MM wrote:
> Hi Francesco:
> If ISS is on 2meter mono band, then doppler is only
> 3.3k max.
> Doppler adjustment on 2meter FM is optional.

well, I have monitored several times the downlink and I feel that some
adjustment is necessary on the frequency, at least on my radio. 
I've never been able to get heard, I don't know if it's a QRM problem 
(too many stations uplinking and/or too much power used) or a frequency
problem on my side. I know that if I were the only station uplinking
probably I could forget to adjust my TX frequency.

> If ISS is on the 440 band, then will need to adjust
> for doppler.

sure, but in that case it's a U/V transponder, so I could hear
myself on the downlink, as any other LEO, right?

Thanks for hints & links 

73 de IS0FKQ
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