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working ISS


I work LEOs with a portable setup since some years now, I have two 
all-mode radios and a couple of home made arrow like two band antennas.
Now I thought it would be good to work also the ISS, but I haven't yet
found a good working practice. I mean, with LEOs I work full duplex
so I know when I'm getting into the sat and I can adjust both 
frequencies (well, try to adjust them in the right manner at least) to
have a good signal and I can unkey if I don't hear myself on the sat.
With the ISS I have no way to  know if I'm getting heard and also I 
can't adjust up and downlink frequecies at the same time (I use the
-600 KHz shift on transmit, but obviously it doesn't work right as
the doppler shift change direction from rx to tx). Now I'd like to
know if someone has any good advice on working the ISS with portable
setup. My RTX are a TR-9130 and a TR-851. 
Any hint is welcome

best 73

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