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Re: OT, how to seperate mast sections.

At 05:53 PM 1/9/2006, Jim Wright wrote:
>You might also try some WD40 and let it soak overnight.  Shoot it 
>again and wait another night if the first attempt is not 
>successful.  Inspect them after you get them apart for rust 
>inside.  I had a thirty foot "zoom-up" steal mast up for about ten 
>years with a small VHF hombrew beam on it that came down when the 
>hidden rust holding the middle section together gave up.  Only the 
>coax and rotor cable kept it from hitting the roof.  Oh, did I 
>mention Hurricane Juan provided the wind, but you see what to 
>lookout for is the hidden rust on an iron pipe of any kind.

Jim makes a good point.  Also if they are outside try bring them into 
a heated garage or basement.  I've found this helps the soaking to expand.

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