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I just tried to listen for AO-51 (Echo) on a 14:12-14:26 UTC pass over the 
eastern US (orbit 8032 per Nova), but heard nothing on the analog voice 
downlink (around 435.300 FM).  I tried a couple of transmissions on the 
analog uplink (145.920 FM with 67 Hz tone) but got nothing.

I think I barely detected (by ear) something around 435.150 (BBS and TLM 
downlink, right?) which seemed to move as expected with doppler, then 
disappear entirely after LOS.  Seemed to be slightly lower in audio 
frequency than the surrounding open-squelch noise.

This is with a Ringo Ranger vertical (certainly less than optimal, but 
heard several stations on a pass last night with it).

As I read the schedule it should be on.  What am I missing?

David, KY7DR
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