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Re: ISS wants Alaska Wa. & Hi Next pass


Miles and I got this out as fast as possible. ISS vox is the 145.800 Rx, 
144.490 Tx I see your amsat  post after ISS pass. He is really looking for 
an Alaska log on voice. This is not a repeater contact it is direct to 
astronaut. Use the 144.490 uplink. Stay with it tomorrow for highest 
elevation pass. This is a tough one for him. He's looking ...be there 
..good luck.
40808 was Nova for me sorry I should have done a UTC thing but wanted to 
get this out fast. Latest report to the board say he got WA and HI now it's 
up to you in AK.


At 06:48 PM 1/8/2006, you wrote:
>At 05:30 PM 1/8/2006 -0500, Allen Emer wrote:
> >Heads up for operators in Alaska,  Hawaii and Washington State. Last pass
> >here on East coast ISS on VOX Bill worked lot's of stations ( orbit 40807)
> >and said he was going to stay up late tonite to  try and work Alaska,
> >Hawaii and Washington State on the next pass.  Looks like he's going for
> >WAS ......Tune  'em up  let's make it happen...this guy's a real ham!
> >
> >N2YAC
>So pass 40808 per NOVA or ???  Pass 40808 has 5:15 min duration with max
>elev= +3 degrees here.  So is the crossband repeater still in affect or are
>we back to split-freq 2m?  I need to program the radio in advance and not
>enought time to switch over during the short pass.  If UHF-up I have to
>manually switch cables around to do that.
>I can run 170w FM on 144.490 if needed for the 1900-km range.  It is now
>2345utc so have an hour for e-mail to go 2-way for answers.
>Ed - KL7UW
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