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Would like to exchange "store and Forward" QSL with VK / ZL

I know this doesn't count for anything but I would like to exchange a qsl
with VK / ZL land via ISS using www.ariss.net and ISS.

Here's what I propose..Being north of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, I have
about six passes a day, (right now starting at about 2000 UTC) from which I
can receive a "direct - less than one pass", message from VK / ZL Land using
ISS and www.ariss.net.

In return, I will confirm reception through ISS on the same pass  which
should remain in ariss.net or it's message base until it passes over VK / ZL

The QSL won't hold up in any court, but it would be fun to show the
elementary school kids my math teacher wife works with, who are trying to
understand orbits and satellites (and world geography)

I propose to do this in just over ONE pass, to put some restraints on it...

Most ZL and eastern VK passes are within reach of my station within the next
half orbit.

I don't want to start a big QSL argument over this,
I worked 89 countries as a Novice and another 80 as a General 25 years ago
and never applied for DXCC.

Anyone downunder game?

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