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LEO sat's

Just got done working AO-51 pass at 17:09utc 01/07/06 ht portable with an
arrow antenna. AO-51 had a max EL of 24' off too the west from EM17 worked 7
station. Most of the time you will hear me from my shack but after reading all
the latest emails that have come across the amsat-bb about how the little guy
can't get in I wanted to see just how hard it was. well it was just like I
remembered it being, it was very easy to work.

Most newbie's who come on board expect way to much from these LEO FM sat's the
key to working any FM sat is you must be aggressive and have alot of

1.If you live in the mid USA like I do, pick a low Elevation pass either off
too the west or the east, as this will increase your chance of having more
than one contact. and the lower elevation passes are a lot easier to track
with your arrow antenna.

2. wear head phones

3. never call cq

4. don't just throw your call out, give someone a call

5. most importantly if you can't hear it, you can't work it. This means don't

don't be afraid to ask for help.

Greg N0ZHE
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