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Re: amsat iss website warning

On 1/6/06, Gregg Wonderly <w5ggw@cox.net> wrote:
> donmc wrote:
> > Frank,
> >       I think you will find your implementation of firefox still has
> > Java enabled. Go to: TOOLS > OPTIONS > and untick enable Java. Most
> > websites work fine without it.
> >  Without starting a flame war is there a good reason for having Java
> > enabled by default?
> Yes, it is still the most portable, lightest weight graphics and interfactive
> environment.  AJAX is comming along, but there are still more things to download
> to get the AJAX power that Java can provide with much smaller downloads.

I use Java on one of my pages for many things.  It runs a floating
menu to navigate to other pages, but in the backround it detects
screen resolution so that I can send a specifically sized backround
for the page depending on what the user has (as well as freeze it in
the backround that works on both IE and Firefox), i.e. 800x600 users
don't see a full 1024x768 backround image, 1024x768 users see white
space around a 800x600 image unless you tile it which looks
ridiculous, and widescreen users see a white block on the right hand
side with a 4:3 aspect image.  I also use Java for browser detection
because IE is horribly not complient with W3C standards, but still,
many people use it so you've got to make it work well with it as well
as with real browsers.  On a memorial web page I wrote for someone,
they wanted an MP3 to play in the backround.  This is approaced
differently depending on the browser so using Java was the best
option.  The page in absense of Java still works, but will give a
message that the site will be missing many features without it as well
as instructions on how to enable Java.  The backround looks wrong
depending on what size screen you have, the menu is gone except for a
text one at the bottom of the page, and the music that the parents
wanted on the memorial page does not play on all browsers.  Needless
to say I find Java very useful in making web pages work the way you
want them to on all OS and browsers.  It seems that most adverts these
days are going to Flash.  If you want to disable anything, disable
that and you'll miss a lot of ads.
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