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A couple more Tonna Questions

I am still researching the possibility of importing some Tonna yagis and
have a few more questions for my friends in the parts of the world where
they are used?

1. How is the antenna connected to a crossboom or mast?  (Would it be
easy to attach it in an X pattern or only in a + pattern?)

2. The elements appear to be insulated from the boom.  Is this correct?

3. Has anyone tried phasing 2 of the "satellite special" antennas 20899
(19el on 435 MHz + 9 el on 145 MHz) for circular polarization?

4. The web site says the 2 x 19 element 435 MHz antenna 20938 has 'N'
connectors, is this a recent change as some users reported it had lugs?

5. Does Tonna provide a phasing harness for the 70cm 2 x 19 (20938) and
2 meter 2 x 9 (20818) satellite antennas?

Thanks and 73,
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