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About AO-7

There were some excellent reports on the AO-7 log by VE9QRP and W8IJ 
this evening (04 Jan after 0000).  Sweet.  Unfortunately I worked the 
04:40 pass on the west coast and there was nada except someone who 
appeared to tune up and gave up.

I'm curious enough to mention that AO-7 is only operable when in full 
sunlight.  This doesn't meant that it it is operable when Nova says 
"Visible".  Visible means that it is "Sunlit" but not that it is in 
full sunlight.  So wait about 30 more seconds (or so) for it to get 
fully illuminated.

Not all tracking programs will tell you when it is illuminated by the 
sun.  If not, look at the footprint and see if there is a clear 
delineation between the footprint and the sunlight portion of the 
earth beyond the grey line.  That is when it will be fully 
illuminated (thanks to Drew KO4MA for that hint.)

If you do work AO-7, I encourage you to log your contacts at:

I've recently added some real-time graphs to track the mode shifts 
and also a scorecard for AO-7 operators.  You don't have to make the 
entry yourself, but someone you have had a QSO with does.  Kuddos to 
K3SZH for being the most frequently heard or listening ham on AO-7.


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