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Spirit-2 progress

Hi Kevin:

A bit of progress here at my QTH and much learned thanks to a very patient
Allen at PacComm.

First, Allen had me do an analog loopback by simply clipping pins 1 and 4
(radio port plug). Now this didn't work for me initially. Next, he had me
open up the box and check each of the jumpers. It turned out that my battery
jumper (JPB) was open !  That was another mystery solved, as KISS mode would
not hold and MYCALL would cycle back to NOCALL on cycling the power. Next,
he had me do a digital loopback by jumpering JP6 and leaving the radio plug
unplugged, and then try to connect to yourself.  This worked for me. (Don't
forget to unjumper JP6 when you are done with this).

Now when I came home from work, I used a spare 5 pin DIN plug and connected
a wire bridge between pins 1 and 4 and plugged it in to the radio port on
the Spirit and ran the analog loopback - it worked !!  This verified that
the RF section was working fine. What you do is set your call with Mycall.
He also had me set DIGI 8 (I'm not sure why). Then just connect to yourself
(your call). You should immediately connect. This is the same procedure with
the digital loopback, only with JP6 jumpered and with no plug in the radio

Now here's the important part - this TNC will not do ANYTHING without a 9600
baud signal. Trying it on the APRS frequency (1200 baud) will NOT work. It
has to be an honest unsquelched 9600 baud signal ie. AO-51. 

I asked about the contradictory paragraph in the manual and he stated this
was due to many previous modifications since the manual was written. I made
him aware that you were having similar problems. He said to be sure the most
recent mod has been done by looking on the bottom side of the PCB and be
sure there are 2 resistors and one diode soldered there.

I said initially I could not get the analog loopback to work with my
constructed cable - I discovered a cold solder joint on pin 4 !!

Your idea of a little switch for pins 6 and 7 is the correct method for
switching in and out the 38.4k baud receive. Do NOT attempt loopback tests
with pins 6 and 7 connected - it needs to be 9600 baud on both send and
receive (obviously !).

I hope this helps a bit there, Kevin. I haven't had time to check it with
AO-51 telemetry yet, but that's my next step.

73, Jamie
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