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Re: crossband repeater on ISS

Hello All,

I have the same impression as you do here.
Sounds like channel 19 when the skip is in.
The lack of experience contributes to the problem.
Also, it is a contest to some...
Then there are the regulars EVERY pass too.
Please give someone else a chance... (maybe a newbie)

Everyone will have a different opinion, as I have seen with
this thread. There will always be someone not happy.
I say, try a different satellite.. Or try some HF DX.
How about 6 meters? It has been grid square city sporadically.
There are just so many different things to do with this "hobby"
that I wonder why the big stink? After all, ISS repeater is now
OFF, and packet is on. Try ISS packet if you choose.
(There is plenty of soundcard packet software to choose from
so you don't need to buy a TNC. TNC's are cheap though)
If you don't like it, don't participate. Personally, the HEO
multi transponder SSB/CW birds are the most FUN. For ME that is...


Please remember.. It's only a hobby....

73, and good DX!

Scott WA6LIE

> I've tried several nights. I THINK I made 2 qsos...my only complaint is 
> the
> same few stations ( big guns, dx hogs, whatever you want to call them) 
> work
> the other same few stations over and over again. I know they can, they 
> know
> they can; it would be nice if they would just standby one pass and let
> someone else try.
> KB9** : N2** Hi Bob
> N2** : Hi, Bill, I hear you again, how are you?
> (well, how should he be, they just did the same thing 90 minutes ago)
>  I don't want a net control. I want to learn how to compensate for the
> Doppler on the uplink. I want to try to do it on my own. But I'm afraid 
> with
> the same few working each other, over and over again it's really
> discouraging some of us. 
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