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crossband repeater on ISS

I've tried several nights. I THINK I made 2 qsos...my only complaint is the
same few stations ( big guns, dx hogs, whatever you want to call them) work
the other same few stations over and over again. I know they can, they know
they can; it would be nice if they would just standby one pass and let
someone else try.

KB9** : N2** Hi Bob
N2** : Hi, Bill, I hear you again, how are you?

(well, how should he be, they just did the same thing 90 minutes ago)

 I don't want a net control. I want to learn how to compensate for the
Doppler on the uplink. I want to try to do it on my own. But I'm afraid with
the same few working each other, over and over again it's really
discouraging some of us.
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