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Re: NCS on FM Sats and ISS Repeater?

>> But not if the only objective during such  max-exchange
>> contest style passes was for just the single transmission 
>> "checkin".  The checkin is IT.  You say your call, grid and 
>> any other brag text to the "net" and if you got in and
>> were heard on the downlink, then you just made
>> a contact with everyone else that GOT IN.
> Are you going to create a 'worked all nets' award? 
> A check in to the 'net' isn't a QSO with all participants. 

I disagree.  A net is a communications system where
all participants exchange information to the group.
If eveyone is listening then everyone hears your
data at the same time.  There is no reason on a single
channel resource like a satellite to repeat it to everyone
in the net.

> What award administrator will accept that kind of 
> contact for credit? Nobody that I can think of.

THen lets re-define the criteria for FM Satellite Contacts.
Done.  Trying to operate like HF on a single channel
FM bird is just ignoring the extreme differences in
the systems.  We should match the operations with
the peculiarities of the channel.

Besides, I dont think it is fair to let an FM contact
via an FM repeater on a satellite count the same
as a hardwon DX VHF contact.  APples and oranges.
They shouldnt count the same and they shouldnt
be done the same way either...

Just a thought...

de Wb4APR, Bob
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