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Re: FM bird logjam

At 06:12 AM 1/3/2006, Bruce Robertson wrote:

>Finally, while Drew's axiom about the (communication) usefulness of (an
>FM?) bird being inversely proportional to its xmit power is generally true,
>I think we can fine tune the equation, adding ham population under the
>footprint: u = 1 /  P*h :-) I add this because the recent high-power mode
>of AO-51 has been wonderful for trans-atlantic DX, or even DX from Canada
>to S. America when the bird's footprint is mostly over the Atlantic.

That's so true.  Down here, we used to _ragchew_ on UO-14 on late 
night (around midnight local) passes.  I've even had passes where I 
was the only station on the bird, so all I was doing was listening to 
myself call CQ. ;)

FM birds do work well when the ham population under them is low. 
:)  On SSB, I found it hard to get a QSO due to the lack of stations.

So for us Down Under...  FM LEO and SSB for the HEOs seems to work best...

73 de VK3JED
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