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ISS Cross Band Thoughts Correction or OOOPS

Howdy Gang corrected a couple of  oooops ...... (Never was a good typer)

I read for the first time the AMSAT BBS and sure enjoyed it. I learned a few
things and I have a couple thoughts on ISS Cross band.

1. Think about the receive say on AO-27, SO-50, or AO-51. You adjust that
receive + - 10 KCS thru the pass on 70 CM and no change on up link on VHF
Correct !!!!!

2. I seen some comments about transmitting on 437.800 and making no contact
or could not hear my signal on the down link.  ISS is exactly opposite of
AO-27 etc.  You need to adjust you uplink the + - 10 kcs and many folks were
not aware of that. Using a mobile or handheld only gives you 5 kcs stepping
for freq adjustment so there is only a small window where you will be right
on frequency for the 70cm uplink.  If your 1 kcs off + - for 70cm your
signal might not get in.  Very small window folks and if your not sure
where/when using a program or knowning about doppler shift chances of
getting in are slim... I heard a lot of folks trying but they were off
frequency and didn't know it.
Its something that needs to be studied, learned, and understood this thing
we call doppler shift.

I enjoyed working everyone on my base station FT-847 3 watts to KLM
antennas. Not a big gun for sure but I could have boosted it so to say......
I am like W7JPI Leo - him and I always use as little power as possible on
all the birds...

Happy New Year to all and lets hope we learn on this last session of ISS,
take time to learn what went wrong (Learn from our mistakes), and apply to
the next time we have this wonderful opportunity to have ISS in Crossband.

Cheers  Bill K7MT Helena, Mt.
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