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Newbie Questions

I'm considering adding satellite to a club/RACES/MARS multi-op multi-mode
station that I am designing for my agency's EOC.  I'm planning my stations
to include all voice, data and image modes, and to remain simple, neat and
ready to go in a disaster.  The FAQs I've seen are no help, so I'm hoping
someone can answer these specific questions.

1. Are the HF modes, A, K and T still used or are there plans for their use?

2. How many sats can we work using only eggbeater antennas on modes B and J?

3. How many can we expect on Modes B and J; using M2 or Hy-Gain CP yagis and
an AZ-EL system?

4. Your opinion on adding L-band to our system?

5. Your advice on computer controls for the G-5500 AZ-EL rotor?

6. Your advice on TNCs vs soundcard interfaces like the Rigblaster? (We need
all the HF ham and MARS modes, such as MT63, in addition to the satellite
modes in whatever TNC or SCI we choose).

7. Your experience with multiband-multimode HF-VHF-UHF radios? We're looking
at the TS2000X (base) and FT897D (pelican case portable) but may be open to
other ideas.

Reply off-list of you prefer.
Thanks for your patience,

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