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Re: NCS on FM Sats and ISS Repeater?

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> But not if the only objective during such  max-exchange
> contest style passes was for just the single transmission 
> "checkin".  The checkin is IT.  You say your call, grid and 
> any other brag text to the "net" and if you got in and
> were heard on the downlink, then you just made
> a contact with everyone else that GOT IN.
> We've got to think outside the box and do contacts
> on ISS differently.  The only purpoes of the net


You are not only thinking outside the box, I think you put the box out for 
recycling. Are you going to create a 'worked all nets' award? A check in to 
the 'net' isn't a QSO with all participants. What award administrator will 
accept that kind of contact for credit? Nobody that I can think of.

Be patient, the crush will calm down after the holidays. It's like rush hour 
on the freeway right now. :)

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