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Re: NCS for ISS/FM leo sat's

At 05:03 PM 1/1/2006, you wrote:

>It sure gets old hearing the same crap,"it's the big gun's fault that I can't
>work it" well no its not. one, the rcv antenna may be blocked by the ISS or to
>more than likely thier uplink freq is not tuned right for the doppler shift.
>or three thier timing sucks. if conditions are right you can work it with a
>arrow antenna and a ht and sound like you are running a 100watts even if there
>is 20 other stations fighting for a shoot.

I have to agree with you Greg - this doesn't have anything to do with 
"Big Guns".  If there are 10 people all using handhelds, do you call 
someone who has an Arrow antenna and knows how to use it a big gun?


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