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Re: NCS on FM Sats and ISS Repeater?

>and wish that someone could impose order, but 
>it just ain't gonna happen.  The passes are so 
>short, and ... vary so much from one station to 
>another, that too much time ... would have to 
>be expended on... keeping track of stations 
>checked in (including their AOS/LOS), handing off, etc.

But not if the only objective during such  max-exchange
contest style passes was for just the single transmission 
"checkin".  The checkin is IT.  You say your call, grid and 
any other brag text to the "net" and if you got in and
were heard on the downlink, then you just made
a contact with everyone else that GOT IN.

We've got to think outside the box and do contacts
on ISS differently.  The only purpoes of the net
control is to issue the  next "invitation-to-transmit"
to a small subset so that each individual has a
better chance to get in.  THink of it like polling
on digital.

Net control can do it by alphabet, by prefix, by
area, by age, by any discriminant that will
equally separate all operators into smaller subsets.
It will simply be more efficient. 

The way we operate now, 100 people transmit and 
typically no-one is 10 dB stronger than the sum of the 
QRM and no-one gets in for several seconds.  What 
a waste of precious asset.     But if the net control 
asks for W4's, then  maybe only 5 transmit and 
because of their variety of power and geography, 
one of them will surely be 10 dB stronger and will get in.  
Done.  And so on.  Since everyone will get their slot
with less contention, the throughput will be much
better than the way we do it now.

>With the passage of a little time, a natural 
>equilibrium will develop just as it has on AO-27, 
>SO-50 etc.

This is true.  But the equilibrium is still just status
quo. Disjoint attempts at making grids and contacts.

Why not let us try something new.  Let that continue 
on AO-51, but lets see if we can do something else 
with ISS FM repeater and show a different facet of 
Amateur Radio to the world listening.

Just a thought...

de Wb4APR, Bob
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