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NCS on FM Sats and ISS Repeater?

Hi all,

I basically agree with David, G0MRF.  I know it's frustrating for some to 
listen to the chaos and wish that someone could impose order, but it just ain't 
gonna happen.  The passes are so short, and AOS/LOS times vary so much from one 
station to another, that too much time and effort would have to be expended 
on maintaining NCS coverage, keeping track of stations checked in (including 
their AOS/LOS), handing off, etc.

With the passage of a little time, a natural equilibrium will develop just as 
it has on AO-27, SO-50 etc.

At the risk of inciting another flame-fest, that natural equilibrium seems to 
me to be better in North America than in Europe.  On this side of the pond, 
QSOs are generally shorter, allowing more stations to participate.  In Europe, 
where I've done quite a lot of FM-sat operating, a few "big gun" stations 
often monopolize passes with their lengthy chats, apparently oblivious to the 
crowd around them.

Would a controlled-net system help with that?  In theory, maybe.  In 
practice, not a chance, because these guys listen to no one but themselves anyway and 
wouldn't play by whatever rules the NCS set up.  Most of them do not even 
appear to be AMSAT members.

Interference from illegal non-amateur stations is also a bigger problem in 
Europe than in North America.  Moving the uplink off the 2m band, as Ib, OZ1MY, 
has suggested, would be one solution for that, but obviously cannot be done 
with existing satellites :-)

My thoughts, anyway.


Ray W2RS 
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