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RE: NCS for ISS/FM leo sat's

>>> ns1z@cfl.rr.com 01/02/06 6:45 AM >>>
>Do we really want to take the challenge out 
>of this part of the Amateur Radio hobby?
>...Do we ... want to remove all hurdles that
>mark progress and increased skill? 

Ah, but what is -skill- in amateur radio? Being bigger,
better, and steping on others to make a contact,
or the skill required to communicate effectively
on a directed net?

>I got into satellite operations because... I knew 
>that any contact made was a direct result of my 
>efforts and increasing skill level.

On an extremely limited shared resource, I'm not 
sure that seeing how much one can individually use 
it and make more contacts than everyone else
is the best way to use this resource.

>School vacation will be over soon... and the 
>subject of how YOU can improve YOUR installation 
>will return and the REAL satellite enthusiasts will, 
>once again, be having FUN and brainstorming 
>how to "do it better".

It depends on what "it" is.  This sounds like the
classic me-first-competition and that the only
purpose of the tansponder is to make DX contacts
at the expense of others.

On an extremely limited international resource like
the ARISS FM repeater, I think we can show a
lot better use of HAM radio to the world by not
making it a contest of me-first-contesting, but
operate it to facilitate interesting and useful
communications.  As HAM radio has shown for
nearly a century of experience, one way to do 
that well is using a directed net with someone
in charge.

I guess it boils down to the age old ham radio
dispute between contesting, and "my DXing skills 
are better than yours" versus a more lofty
goal of using the extremely limited channel for
actual communications.

For ARISS and the ISS, I recommend the later.
For AO-51, I recommend the former.

de WB4APR, Bob
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