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Re: Crossband repeat on ISS

I think I have stood by the side long enough.
The way I experience it the problem is not net control or power but only 
operating skills.
AO-14 used to be workable with a ht and arrow for 4 to 5 contacts per 
pass over europe.
MIR crossband repeater was also workable with a ht and arrow.
 From what I heard on ISS crossband repeater the colision rate was far 
less then bob discribed.
It´s still the same ISS and the number of stations trying to use it is 
not likely to be any less then in the usa, the difference is that in 
europe the stations trying to use ISS are mostly already used to working 
sats so they will listen to the downlink while transmitting and unkey if 
they hear they are not making it.

conclusion, focus your energy on education and not some wild idea of net 
control on an already short pass.

73 de Andre PE1RDW
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