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RE: NCS for ISS/FM leo sat's

Do we really want to take the challenge out of this part of the Amateur
Radio hobby?

I understand that there are some out there who seem to have a check list of
things to "accomplish" within the hobby. They seem to be impatient with
checking off the boxes on the list and hurriedly moving on to the next
topic. It appears, almost, as if it is too much trouble to put in the work
and effort that was previously required and put forth by others, to achieve
the same goal (WAS, DXCC, VUCC Sat100 etc).

Do we (as a group of satellite enthusiasts) want to remove all hurdles that
mark progress and increased skill? I got into satellite operations because
it was challenging and rewarding. I knew that any contact made was a direct
result of my efforts and increasing skill level. Not like the HF net where
you tell the net control you heard the station and HE tells you whether or
not the contact is good and it really doesn't matter whether the DX heard
you corretly or not. Is that really your idea of accomplishment? It sounds
to me like this is what is being proposed.

As the "Old Man" on the hill says: This too shall pass.

School vacation will be over soon, some posters will have less free time to
get into mischief on this reflector, and the subject of how YOU can improve
YOUR installation will return and the REAL satellite enthusiasts will, once
again, be having FUN and brainstorming how to "do it better". Anyone
remember what that was like?
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