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Re: Crossband repeat on ISS

Robert Bruninga wrote:
>>Someday, we might have better operators...  
>>In my limited experience on the HAM 
>>radio scene (5 years), this is the picture that 
>>I've seen.  It's not pretty and  it's quite silly.
> But it is not a problem with power, it is the 
> extreme limit of the resource and the large
> number of people wanting  it.

It is a power problem.  The satellites have a very limited coverage area unless 
directly over the US.  But it comes down to how far are you from the satellite 
and how much power are you using.  I caught ECHO on a low pass while mobile.  I 
was using a 5/8wave antenna with 20w out on 440, 40w out on 2m.  I threw out my 
call on a pause, and had a pile up.  I worked 4 different stations on that pass. 
  I haven't worked ECHO since, be cause I know I can do it.  I'll let the others 
have a go at it who haven't yet.

Once is enough, I now understand everything I needed to know.  I have my radio 
configured correctly, and my 5/8 wave antenna will work fine on the beginning or 
end of the pass.

At home, I have a 1/4wave ground plane antenna, so it will work best in the 
middle of the pass.  Less doppler there, and I've used it on several different 
occasions as I've said before, to work packet and voice to the birds.

Equal power for all (including gain), equalizes your chance, and lets you 
compete with a handful of equally capable stations.  When the big guns are in 
there, you have zero chance.  They'll be right on top of you, and they'll be 
tailgating each transmission to try and maximize airtime.

I understand all the reasons why they operate the way they do, makes perfect 
sense.  I just don't understand why they do it day in and day out on the voice 
passes when we have such rare opportunities these days to use FM voice to the 
ISS and the other LEOs.

Gregg Wonderly
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