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Re: definition of a big gun?

Michael A. Tondee wrote:
> Just curious with the talk about the ISS and A0-51 being dominated by big
> guns. I'd like to hear some answers on what people consider a big gun
> satellite station.
> I'm talking in parameters of power, number of elements and gain of antenna,
> antenna height etc. I know what I consider a big gun on HF but I really have
> no clue what's considered one on satellites other than the fact that he's not
> a guy with an HT and an arrow antenna!

Anything more than 20watts ERP is outrageous for the LEOs.  5watts ERP is plenty 
for at least one QSO per pass.  20watts at AOS and LOS would be helpful to most. 
  But, there are a lot of other stations in the footprint at AOS and LOS and I 
think that you should plan for normal operations to leave you at no advantage to 
someone directly underneath the bird.

If you have a 12db or more gain antenna, you should be operating on flea power 
unless you are providing a service/support opportunity.

Gregg Wonderly
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