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Re: NCS for ISS/FM leo sat's

>Well I have no regular Internet access  from May 
>to October, [nor any] phone in camp ground. 
>So under you plan I would have no way to work 
>the  birds.  

Not at all.  I think you missesd the whole idea.  My
guess is that most of the passes will get reserved
by net controls wanting to facilitate maximum
participatin by others.  Such a directed net would
go something like this:

Any emergency of priotity traffic?
Anyone operating portable tonight?
ANy RV'ers or campers or other unusual stations?
Any W3's?  W4's?   etc.... call now...

>Half the fun of the birds is hearing a new call 
>working a new grid,

Which I agree.  And having a big gun net-control 
operator who has signed up just for that purpose to
let other people (by invited category) make contacts
is what I figure will be the most popular passes.

I think everyone is missunderstanding what I mean
by directed-net.  ALl I mean is for one person to sign
up to take charge of a given pass and to moderate
it to facilitate the objective at hand.   There is nothing
in anything that I have said that would discourage
anyone from signing up to run passes whos sole
objective is to continue with the status quo free-for
all.  I would hope that many passes will continue to
operate that way.  As many have noted, that is
fun too. I'm only proposing a reservation system and one
person "in charge" to make things go smoothly for
whatever he signs up that pass to do.

>this Idea will cause more problems than it will fix

Yes, it will "squelch" the freedom of some operators
to hit their PTT anytime they want and to step on
and overpower others, but it could on the other hand
make for a more useful and gentlemenly channel to
be proud of.

At 17:50 1/1/2006, you wrote:
> >>> "Greg Wycoff" <<1/01/06 8:03 PM >>>
> >Having a NCS for the ISS repeater or a FM satellite.
> >What a stupid idea, ...give up the idea of grid square
> >chasing or looking for that state they need for WAS,
>I think you missunderstand the concept.  None of that
>has to be given up.  If people want to chase grid squares,
>just reserve as many passes as you want for grid
>square chasing and operate the entire pass inviting rare
>grids to check in.  In otherwords, no matter what activity
>you want to do, reserve the bird for that purpose and
>then you will be able to do *that activity* better and
>more efficiently during *that* pass.
> >or just the simple idea of saying hi to a friend.
>If you want to say hi to  afriend, then reserve a pass
>and then you can be sure he can get back to you and
>won't be blocked by all the contention.
> >we went thru all this when AO-51 first went active
> >everyone said they could not work it and gave up
> >and was mad at everyone that could.
>Just think of it this way.  The reserved-directed-net
>approach simply replaces the "contention" from the RF
>uplink by moving the "contention"  over to the
>"reservation list"...
>There will still be contention, and debate and arguments
>over what part of ham radio is better than what
>other part, and who is doing what to whom, or who is
>being fair, but at least that squabling is not done in
>the blind by overload on the uplink.  It is done on
>the web.
>While the squabbling will continue (on the reservation
>list) at least those that respect the directed-net
>concept will have an efficient use of the transponder
>for their 10 minutes of reserved activity.  I would
>expect to see lots of special events... and grid chasing
>and just about everything else.  AND you can plan
>on it by checking the list to see what is the focus
>of a given pass.
>Or just listen and respond in kind when invited to
>de Wb4APR, Bob
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