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Re: definition of a big gun?

At 10:20 PM 1/1/2006 -0500, Michael  A. Tondee wrote:
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>From: Michael A. Tondee
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>Sent: Sunday, January 01, 2006 8:32 PM
>Subject: definition of a big gun?
>Just curious with the talk about the ISS and A0-51 being dominated by big
>guns. I'd like to hear some answers on what people consider a big gun
>satellite station.
>I'm talking in parameters of power, number of elements and gain of antenna,
>antenna height etc. I know what I consider a big gun on HF but I really have
>no clue what's considered one on satellites other than the fact that he's not
>a guy with an HT and an arrow antenna!
>Michael, W4HIJ
>AMSAT # 36017


You've gotten a few answers that talk around the edges of your question.  I
will attempt to give my answer:

I would say a station running a 10 to 20 element cross-pol yagi with 50w or
more would qualify for a Leo "Big Gun".  Most would say my 4x 10-element
eme array with 170w would be a satellite big gun on 144-MHz...or my 436CP42
432-MHz with 60w probably would do, also!   BTW on EME my two stations are

That being said one can do nicely into Leo class satellites with an Arrow
and 5w moast any day...if others act nice! :-)
I know since I have done with my FT-817 + Arrow several times.

Have fun!

Ed - KL7UW  
http://www.qsl.net/al7eb - BP40iq 
144-EME: FT-847, mgf-1801/1402, 4xM2-xpol-20, 170w
432-EME: FT-847, mgf-1402, 1x21-ele (18.6 dBi), 60w
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