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Re: definition of a big gun?

All this discussion about big guns and little pistols
on the birds has been going on forever. 

It's very similar to the same discussion on the QRP
reflector.  If you haven't read any of that, the main 
subject is griping about not being able to work anything
on HF with QRP, small antennas, etc.

If you're under-equipped or under-skilled you're
going to have a harder time making QSO's than
the folks that have a better setup and more experience. 

Many of the stations who are "regulars" (AKA big guns) 
on the birds will take extra pains to try to work the new folks 
and give them a chance to get in on the action. 

And I have been a "little pistol" many times with my HT and
Arrow and NOT working full duplex and have still made 
thousands of QSO's on the FM birds with that setup.

If a person wants to try something that works real good, try using
your dual-band  FM mobile rig and Arrow antenna.  If you want to be 
portable, use a small  gel-cell or other battery to run the radio and
preamp.  You'll have a  GREAT setup.  I've done that  with a  10-watt
dual bander and  a small 7-amp hour battery  will last for a day's 
worth of passes before needing a recharge.   A  2.5-amp hour battery
lasted for a few passes.

John, K6YK
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