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Crossband repeat on ISS / Net control

In a message dated 02/01/2006 00:11:35 GMT Standard Time, bruninga@usna.edu  

>>> "Edward R. Cole" <al7eb@acsalaska.net> 01/01/06 6:26  PM 
>The current Leo "free-for-all" is not working well...
>Who  will volunteer to be NC?  Someone needs to 
>step forward to  coordinate this.

BB - Yes, a big gun can do it on any pass, but it will  only
be effective if it becomes a long term way of operating.
And I  think the only way that can work is to have
the automated WEB page sign up  list for volunteers
to reserve a pass as net control.
============            =============            =================

Isn't this problem with the Iss repeater because it's only just been  
activated and that the current holiday period has brought an unusually high  number 
of people onto the band?
I recall that when AO-51 was first released after commissioning, it  also 
suffered from a degree of chaos with large numbers of people all trying  to work 
the satellite at once and with many of them calling on 2m while unable  to 
hear any signal on the downlink.
Running nets on AO-40 etc worked well, but a net on a 15min pass will  lead 
to frustration as net control stations will take time to swap  control. Also 
listing stations to call in without being able to prioritise by  geographic 
location will be problematic and lead to stations being  called to make their QSO 
just after their LOS.
Personally I think that a natural equilibrium will be established  and that 
the situation will resolve itself in due course. There is also  the very strong 
argument that if people don't have some problems to overcome,  e.g. doppler 
correction / adding a pre-amp etc then the element of self  training is lost.
Nets on HF are fine, particularly if the DX station is unable to manage a  
pile up. However,  the pleasure in making a QSO unassisted when you are  
competing with others is much more rewarding than responding to "XYZ make your  call" 
- Be inventive...try the middle of the week, try the middle of the  night, 
try improving your operating technique, but do try....It's what amateur  radio 
is all about.
David   G0MRF     ( C56DX  9H0WW   ZC4DX  3B9C   dx-pedition sat op)
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