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Re: Crossband repeat on ISS

>>> "Edward R. Cole" <al7eb@acsalaska.net> 01/01/06 6:26 PM 
>The current Leo "free-for-all" is not working well...
>Who will volunteer to be NC?  Someone needs to 
>step forward to coordinate this.

Yes, a big gun can do it on any pass, but it will only
be effective if it becomes a long term way of operating.
And I think the only way that can work is to have
the automated WEB page sign up list for volunteers
to reserve a pass as net control.

Without the automated web-page-sign-up list so 
that everyone gets an equal chance at reserving
a pass as netcontrol, we lose the equality factor 
which was one of the goals in the first place.  So
in my opinion, this idea begins with a web programmer

Since the geometry of passes is repetative and well
understood, an added feature would be for the
software to pre-label each pass with known
geography something like this:

DATE TIME    PASS                     NETCON   ALT COMMENTS
*---- *---    *-----------            *--------  *--   *-----------
xxxx  hhmm  SE USA                  avail     
xxxx  hhmm  E   USA                  avail
xxxx  hhmm  C  USA                   avail
xxxx  hhmm  Nova Scotia to UK avail
xxxx hhmm   HI to CA                avail

Users signup as net control and enter the comment field.
Note the provision for an alternate netcontrol.  Big
guns could sign up for many passes as alternates if
no one else does to help manage the operation ad hoc.

Soemthing like that...?

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