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Re: Re: Mozhayets 5 / Rubin 5

A.J. Farmer (AJ3U) wrote:
> Mozhayets 5 is also known as XI-V

This is incorrect. Mozhaets-5 is an experimental satellite built partly
by students at the Mozhaiskiy military academy and is carrying a laser
communications experiment. Mozhayets 5 failed to seperate from the
launch vehicle and is most likely lost.


XI-V (pronounced "Sai five") was built by students at the Intelligent
Space Systems Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. It was one of the
three cubesats that was deployed from SSETI-Express (XO-53). The

The English Website for XI-V is

> Rubin 5 is also known as UWE-1

No, there are different things. Rubin-5 is a technology/communications
payload using the Orbcomm system; it remains intentionally attached to
the rocket final stage (in fact, it's part of the adapter used to deploy
the other satellites). It includes the AATiS SAFIR-S amateur transponder
and the ESA ASOLANT solar-powered GPS antenna experiment.


UWE-1 is another one of the three cubesats that was deployed from
SSETI-Express (XO-53). It was developed by students at the University of
Würzburg in Germany.


> I don't think they are "alive" but I have not been following that
> closely.

XI-V is in the commissionning stage, with some test photos being
downloaded during passes over its Japanese ground station.

As far as I know, UWE-1 is also operational an in good health.

-Daniel, VA3KKZ
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