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Re: Crossband repeat on ISS

Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:
> It's got very little to do with the "big guns" and more to do with the dozens
 > of stations trying, many half duplex, who just don't have satellite operation
 > down yet.

My experience is that the big guns are always talking to each other, tailgating 
one QSO after another here in the central US.  I had a chance for a QSO with the 
last ISS crew on the last day before they left the station.  They were on, 
making contacts, I was waiting for the current QSO to finish.  As AOS occured to 
the south of us, a texas station (north to south pass) just start calling CQ at 
AOS and the crew just left the scene.

I understand that someone has to talk, but waiting for 10 degrees AH before 
transmitting is a good practice for high passes to make sure that you are not 
transmitting in the middle of a QSO.

There is abuse happening, and there are big gun stations that are playing the 
"I'm a big gun and don't I sound pretty" game.

Someday, we might have better operators...  In my limited experience on the HAM 
radio scene (5 years), this is the picture that I've seen.  It's not pretty and 
it's quite silly.

Use your equipment, have fun and get the most out of it, but not at the expense 
of others enjoying these limited resources!

There's 10's of stations having OSCAR class stations.  There's 1000's of 
stations that can use the LEOs.  That distinction just doesn't seem to gel in 
the heads of some.

Gregg Wonderly
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