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Re: Crossband repeat on ISS

>>What am I doing wrong? 
>You're not running 100watts into a 23dbi antenna...
>The big guns are killing the usefulness of this great resource...

I think the problem is that as a community we are simply not
operating it properly.  We MUST recognize the facts:

1) The definition of "success" is each station "getting in"
2) Far too many people want "success" than it can handle.
3) There is no access control mechanism
4)  In this environment, human nature dictates "keep trying"
5) With everyone "trying", it escalates power requirements 
6) The result is only the big guns get in.

Complaining about it simply will not address nor fix any of
the fundamentals above.  It only alienates the community
and fuels discontent.

My opinion has always been that we recognize the facts and 
simply change our operating to match the situation.

1) Define success as "maximum information transfer"
2) Have a big-gun net conrol for each pass-footprint
3) Operate the channel as a directed net.
4) Net controls sign up on an automated web page where
    they can announce the purpose and intended plan for
    their pass.  They can take checkins or do anything 
    they want during their pass.  They can do checkins
    by subject, age, power, state, schools, operating
    status, or any other discriminant.  They can even plan
    wide-open bedlam if they want.  But at least it is
5) People can either check the web page to see to see the
    topic for a given pass, or can just tune in and the net
    control will announce it.
6) QRP stations can sign up for a pass too.  In this case
    we need a few big guns to keep aware of the pass-list
    and if the QRP net control is unable to get heard
    initially, then the big-gun takes over and makes a hole
    for him.

Bottom line.  Use the single channel resource exactly the
way HAM radio has always done in these circumstances.
Have a designated NET CONTROL that operates the net
as a DIRECTED net.  All HAM radio operators know how
to do this and will respect it.  We simply need to agree as
a community that this is the way we will operate single
channel resources with too many people.

The problem with these single channel resources is exactly
the classic human nature gaming problem.  The nobel prize
was awarded for simply recognizing this simple result of
human nature.  that is:

If there is only one winner and multiple players, then everyone
will try their hardest to win.  Even if it is clearly understood
that if everyone would agree to accept a lesser prize with no
one winnning the big prize, then everyone would win.
Human nature dictates that everyone (but 1) will ALWAYS LOSE.

No amount of complaining by all the losers will change it.
The only way to get satisfaction for all the players is to 
change the rules and definition of "winning".

The ubiquitous presence of the internet makes this paradigm
change possible by having the instantaneous dissimination of
the "pass schedule" and sign-up list equally and uinversally
available.  This moves the contention from real-time-on-air
during the precious miniutes of a pass, to the internet over
an extended period.  Everyone can watch the list and the
automated sign up list can have "rules" that discourage anyone
from hogging the resource.  Plus it is an open system with
eveyrone able to watch the sign-up process.

Further it lets users KNOW what to expect on any given pass.
Their experience and fullfillment will be far better simply 
because they will no what to expect and can decide before
hand if they want to participate.

Anyway, that is how we had planned to operate the voice repeater
on PCSAT2.   If for no other reason to show how well it could
work if the baseline definition of the channel was defined 
from the beginning that way.

de Wb4APR, Bob
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