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Re: Re: [ATNA] More thoughts about HAM TV from space

There is alot of discusion about what standard to use because as we know 
analog tv has 3 standards and 2 modulation forms (am/fm).
However the comercial market has solved it for us already, just use 
dvb-s and any digital satalite reciever with a suitable lnb can decode 
the picture, most can even change one analog standard into another, 
there are already plenty of designs for dvb-s transmitters for the ham 
bands so uplinking can be done as wel.
This means it will meet the goal of easy reception
The downside is that dvb-s is modulated in qam and needs a liniar rf 
system, any cliping will result in syncing and decoding problems.

73 de Andre PE1RDW
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